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1822 Fitness Wins #1 Private Personal Training Gym

Updated: May 24, 2021

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., April 23, 2021 /World’sGreatest/ -- World’s Greatest, an award-winning National Television Series announced today that they have recently awarded 1822 Fitness in West Palm Beach, Florida as the best private personal training gym in Florida.

Founded in 2008 by Eydie and Joel Molina, 1822 Fitness is a private fitness training company that was created to provide group and personal training to people and athletes of

all ages and levels.

“Passion, Commitment, Excellence is the foundation and slogan of 1822 Fitness, which describes who we are and how they do things. The passion for health, sports, and fitness; the commitment, excellence, dedication, personal touch, and professionalism we provide to our valued clients," says Joel Molina.

1822 Fitness Programs Offered:

1 ON 1: We specialize in 1-On-1 training. An individualized strength & conditioning program designed to improve performance while also providing motivation and mentorship.

FitGroup Cost-effective small group individualized strength & conditioning program designed to improve performance, while still reaping the same benefits of working 1-On-1 with one of our 1822 Fitness Certified Personal Trainers.

MaxFitOne Challenging high intense interval training (HIIT) program specifically designed to help individuals decrease significantly their body fat while increasing lean muscle mass throughout weight training, power cardio, core, and group challenges. Strength + Conditioning + Endurance = MaxFitOne A few facts about 1822 Fitness:

  • 1822 Fitness is a proud supporter of local nonprofits such as Peggy Adams Animal Rescue, Boys and Girls Club in West Palm Beach, and Feeding South Florida.

  • The classes are intentionally limited to 10 people

  • Each exercise equipment is cleaned after each use

  • 1822 Fitness is conveniently located 4 miles from I-95

  • Over 23 different class times per week

  • Cancel or book a class with the 1822 Fitness App

  • Text your personal trainer with questions

  • Get free help with your nutritional plan

  • Offering personal training in West Palm Beach, FL, and surrounding areas

As part of the show, World’s Greatest reviewed hundreds of incredible fitness short-format motivational videos and based their decision on quality, staying within the time limit, the narrative, and overall motivational theme.

1822 Fitness partnered with a local West Palm Beach video production company Austin Sharkey to film the 60 second motivational video. Joel Molina was the personal trainer in the motivational video which showed a morning exercise routine quickly moving to an intense workout.

"We did not have much of a script, we woke up early in the morning then filmed a lot of b-roll focusing on the narrative that anyone can be their best if they are in the right mindset. From there, we pieced it together in post-production to tell Joel Molina's story and 1822 Fitness's values," says Austin Sharkey

World's Greatest TV Show is a thirty minute show dedicated to highlighting the world's greatest companies, products, places, and people. Each show is a fast paced tour around the world featuring behind the scenes footage, informative interviews, and exciting visuals.

World’s Greatest is an award winning 21st Century television program company. Their show airs on the Bloomberg network every Saturday at 3:30 PM on National Television. For more information about World’s Greatest TV Show and their show lineup, please visit their TV Schedule.

Awarded World's Greatest Show Favorite​

Each private fitness gym is circulated and brought to vote by the entire production team, writers, executive producers, journalists, associate producers, and interns. The selected "show favorite" receives recognition by being acknowledged on the show website for 12 months.

"We want to recognize the companies that put in the work to tell engaging and motivational stories in short format." says Executive Producer Kyle Freeman

Contact Josh Kessler,

SOURCE: Josh Kessler | Communications

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