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Our mission at 1822 Fitness is to provide and deliver an extraordinary training experience with passion, commitment, and excellence in all areas of training: physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, to all our valued clients. We'd love to meet you and get to know what your fitness goals are.

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Co-Owner & Lead Physical Preparation Trainer

Joel Molina is a certified physical preparation specialist and the founder of 1822 Fitness. He has a bachelor's degree in Physical Education with specialization in Sports Conditioning from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez. He is currently enrolled at A.T. Still University, pursuing a dual master's degree in the Science of Kinesiology, specializing in Sports Conditioning, Corrective Exercise, and Orthopedic Rehabilitation. He has over 18 years of experience in the fitness industry with multiple certifications and workshops from different organizations in the industry, such as ISAK, IFA, CPPS, IYCA, BFS, and NSCA. He is a former HS and College baseball coach with a short professional career as a player. He is married to his high school sweetheart and has two beautiful daughters. He is passionate about serving and helping people reach their fitness goals.


I'm Sophia Bustamante, an ISSA-certified personal trainer and nutritionist. Having completed my AA from Palm Beach State, I'm currently pursuing my BA in Health Sciences. My ultimate goal is to delve into Physical Therapy. I'm passionate about guiding individuals in their fitness and nutrition journey, whether you're just starting out or looking to elevate your performance to the next level.

1822 Fitness Personal Trainer Gabriel Al
1822 Fitness Personal Trainer West Palm Beach Gabriel Alfanzo


Gabriel Alfonzo, a dedicated member of our 1822 Fitness team for over four years, brings a wealth of expertise and passion to his role. As a graduate of South University and a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA), Gabriel's academic foundation is robust. He further enhances our team with his specialized certifications as an Adapted Special Needs Group Fitness Instructor, CPPS, and IFA.


His primary area of expertise lies in training children with autism, a role in which he excels due to his profound empathy and dedication to helping others through his company, AdaptNow. Gabriel's approach is deeply rooted in his belief in the transformative power of fitness and wellness. He finds immense joy and fulfillment in guiding individuals toward achieving their goals and realizing the best versions of themselves.


Gabriel warmly invites you to experience the unique 1822 Fitness approach, sharing his enthusiasm and commitment to our mission of changing and impacting lives through fitness and community.


"Meeting you and offering the 1822 Fitness experience would be my pleasure. I am passionate about my role here and am dedicated to furthering our mission of transformative impact and positive change." - Gabriel Alfonzo.


Six years ago Alan changed his life. Thank God!!!

His dad thought it was a good idea for him to train with the boys of 1822fitness, since he trained there.

God definitely put us in the best place!!!

I was skeptical but something definitely had to be done.

My son Alan was overweight difficult to manage, added to the sedentary lifestyle and isolation due to his condition "of the autism spectrum" it was not easy to manage, go out, share with others, but ... it was drop by drop and constant work with the help of the time and patience of his coaches: THANK YOU ALL!

He is currently training with Gabriel who has been his coach in recent years and who acquired the knowledge and skills to do a better job every day with Alan. My son was his inspiration and he was his. THANK YOU INFINITE!!!

Today after more than six years Alan not only stays in better shape but also learned to make friends, to socialize, to have waiting times, to overcome difficulties such as balance, strength, concentration to name a few and that he thought he could never achieve, he was often frustrated, but today they are a piece of cake for him.

1822firness was a window that opened not only for him in his life, but also a giant door to show him and all of us who love him that, with love, perseverance and a lot of technique we can achieve it, maintain an adequate weight, the integration, empathy and support we seek for our wonderful children, during this journey that we have to go through

Thank you for making possible some of the improvements and change that my son Alan needed. I always tell those who ask me the meaning of this place for me, and I can only say "it was one of the most therapeutic things Alan has achieved in this country." Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

God bless you, such a beautiful work!


Meet Coach Eutbert Arredondo, an ISSA-certified personal trainer whose expansive expertise encompasses various fitness specializations. With a keen focus on weight loss, aesthetics, and nutrition, Coach Eutbert is not just a trainer but a dedicated mentor in physical well-being. His specialties include hypertrophy, sports nutrition, anthropometry, and tailored programs for special populations, ensuring a comprehensive approach to fitness.

His proficiency extends to injury prevention, indoor cycling, and women's training, demonstrating a holistic understanding of various fitness needs. A master in body fat reduction and general population nutrition, Coach Eutbert is renowned for his commitment to helping clients transform their lives. At the heart of his philosophy is a passion for motivating individuals to realize their full potential, guiding them to become the best versions of themselves. Join Coach Eutbert on a transformative journey where your fitness aspirations become achievable goals.

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1822 Fitness Personal Trainer Brianna Zú


Personal Trainers

Preferred bilingual.

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Meet Amie—a vibrant and dedicated assistant coach with an innate passion for sports and athlete development. Growing up in a family devoted to athletic coaching, she carries a rich legacy of commitment and expertise into her coaching style. Amie is currently advancing her educational journey, pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science from Keiser University, an endeavor complemented by her athletic scholarship in volleyball. Her prowess on the court is evident in her dual roles as a skilled setter and a formidable defensive specialist.


A proud alumna of The King's Academy, Amie's own volleyball career there laid a solid foundation for her coaching philosophy. Her enthusiasm shines brightest when she's mentoring young athletes, guiding them toward their personal goals, and instilling in them the essential fitness principles vital for their athletic evolution.


Amie's approach is holistic—she believes in nurturing not just the physical skills of her athletes but also their passion and sportsmanship, ensuring that they carry these values through every hit, serve, and save, both on and off the court.

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