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1822 Fitness Personal Trainer West Palm Beach Joel Molina Award


We are not your average gym. We like to say we are one of a kind not only in our abilities as fitness experts but our passion and drive for creativity. Creativity in our fitness, our lives, and community. They say to focus on your strengths but we say if you can dream it, you can do it.

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At 1822 Fitness, we limit each class to 10 people. We want our certified personal trainers to give care and motivation equally to each person. Easily schedule your class a few minutes before or several weeks in advance!

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1822 Fitness Personal Trainer West Palm Beach

Frequently asked questions

What COVID-19 precautions are you taking?

1822 Fitness limits classes to 10 people max. Cleaning and sanitizing equipment after every use.

Do you specialize in weight loss?

We specialized in getting people fit by lowering their body fat percentage and increasing their lean muscle mass. Contact us for a free 3 day pass!

Are there program contracts at 1822 Fitness?

No contracts. If you have any other questions, send us an email, call us or simply chat with us here on the website!

Who will be my personal trainer?

You will be trained by Joel Molina and/or any of our qualified and certified fitness professionals.

Do you offer personal trainer discounts to first responders, military, veterans and couples in West Palm Beach?

We offer 10% off all our services to first responders, military, veterans, and couples. Learn more by visiting the 1822 Fitness pricing page.

What's the 1822 Fitness class cancellation policy?

Cancellations are made by phone, text, or the MindBody app. Out of courtesy, we ask our clients to provide a 24 hours cancellation notice to the coaches for private and semi-private training. Failure to provide twenty-four (24) hour notice shall result in the client being charged the full rate for the canceled/missed training session.

What is the 1822 Fitness workout like?

1822 Fitness workouts are led by one of our fitness coaches. Each workout starts with a warm-up, activation, and mobility exercises. After the warm-up, the coach assigns the client the station or workout plan for the day. Core and abs could be done at the beginning of the workout or the end. At the end of the workout, clients and athletes run a cool-down lap and return for stretching and myofascial release using foam rollers.

What are the hours of1822 Fitness personal training West Palm Beach?

Monday-Thursday 6am-8pm, Friday 6am-7pm, Saturday 8am-12pm

How do you help student athletes improve performance?

We take each one of our athletes through a thorough assessment followed by an individualized training program to meet their needs and help them succeed in the field or court. We also mentor them mentally and spiritually.

Who is Joel Molina?

Joel Molina the owner of 1822 Fitness and is a certified physical preparation specialist and the founder of 1822 Fitness. He has bachelor's degree in Physical Education with a specialization in Sports Conditioning from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez. He is currently enrolled at A.T. Still University pursuing a dual master's degree in Science of Kinesiology with specialization in Sports Conditioning, Corrective Exercise, and Orthopedic Rehabilitation. He has over 18 years of experience in the fitness industry with multiple certifications and workshops from different organizations in the industry such as ISAK, IFA, CPPS, IYCA, BFS, and NSCA. He is a former HS and College baseball coach with a short professional career as a player. He is married to his high school sweetheart and has two beautiful daughters. He is passionate about serving and helping people reach their fitness goals.