Gladys Ferrer, MaxFitOne

“Fit at 50. I started working out at 1822 Fitness, summer 2011. Every week I would try to go once or twice if work permitted. I noticed an increase in my energy and I started to lose a few pounds where I needed it most-my waist and gut. My work schedule is a bit demanding to say the least. When I miss a few days I start to feel sluggish and can’t wait to go back. I have grown dependent on the workouts not only because I look good but I also feel great! Extra benefit-It helps reduce stress. I have been a member of other fitness clubs including years with LA Fitness with no personal trainer- just the machines and me. I have never seen the results I have now and I owe it to the dedication of coach Molina. He makes a difference because he cares. He gives personal assistance to all who attend and that my dear is “ priceless ”. I will never go back to other gyms because they just want your money and you wind up on your own with little motivation, little progress, little results and a lot of discouragement. Coach Molina has made a difference in my life, to make healthier choices and to remain active. I am down a few dress sizes now and I have muscles where I never thought muscles existed. Though a woman should never admit to her age-I can certainly say that I am in the best shape of my life. I made it happen!! Thank you 1822 Fitness and Coach Molina!!”- Gladys Ferrer, MaxFitOne